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My researches are focused on the simulation of physical systems. For this reason, it's usual to develop several tools, either complex simulators or simple tools in order to facilitate and/or automate the analysis of the results.

From this page, it's possible to download some of these tools that I have developed (and I will develop) throughout my research. These tools are mainly developed using Matlab since it's the development environment in which I usually work.


To access these tools is necessary to register. In this way, I can inform users about the updates. In addition, I will be able to attend to all your questions in the most efficient way.

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SIM2RRAM is a simulation tool for unipolar RRAM devices. This tool has been designed following a macroscopic physical model. This model was presented and validated through publications M. A. Villena et al., J. Appl. Phys. 114, 144505 (2013) and M. A. Villena et al., J. Appl. Phys. 115, 214504 (2014). In addition, a video was edited in order to explain this model and the structure of the simulator. You can watch this video in YouTube:

Split-DOS for VASP



Split-DOS is a Matlab tool to extract the Density of States (DOS) information from the DOSCAR file of VASP. In addition, this script split the information from DOSCAR in spin-UP and spin-DOWN and the diferent orbitals. The data can be safe as Matlab workspace variables or text files.




Software for the automatic detection of Reset events during I-V curve measurement on memristor. This software has been designed to work with the Keysight B1500A semiconductor parameter analyzer.

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